Thursday, August 11, 2011

About The Reboot Proposal

Ever watched a TV show you loved when you were growing up? Listened to the first album you ever bought? Played that game you just couldn't tear yourself away from?  How did you find it?  Was it anywhere near as good as you remembered it?

This blog is all about me revisiting those rose-coloured memories of my youth and seeing how all those great pieces of media I loved then, hold up today. I will be delving into my favorite video games, having a quick listen to my favorite songs and sitting down and catching up with some long lost tv shows.  I'll remenis about what I remember and then let you know what I think of it now.

Of course in my quest to relive some of the great moments of my youth I do run the risk of ruining some fantastic memories, however, I'll do my best to approach everything cynic free and appreciate even the lamest of fads for what they are worth.

I'd also love it if you got in on the act and posted your memories of these tv shows, computer games, etc in the comments section.